Restaurant in Lecce: The Traditional Cuisine of Puglia

A Typical Restaurant in Lecce

Rosalba De Carlo had a dream, to share her personal knowledge about the traditional cuisine of Salento with people interested in discovering the local history through the flavors of typical dishes. Hence the idea to launch a restaurant in Lecce where only traditional recipes are served.

In 1998 Rosalba opened Alle due corti Restaurant. It was the beginning of a twenty-year adventure, presenting the essence of gastronomic culture of Salento and Puglia to the world. The name Rosalba De Carlo, that of her son Giorgio Grassi and their Alle_due_corti trademark brand has appeared in many important magazines.


Alle due corti’s credits

The New York Times, Libération! and many others newspapers and magazines have published articles and information about them. Rosalba and Giorgio have participated in lots of globally broadcast TV show such as Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain. They have presented food in numerous cultural events such as the Magna Grecia Philosophy Festival. Rosalba has been included into the online archive museum of the Salento oral cultures Promemorium: a suggestive interview with Rosalba De Carlo that you can watch here. For now, unfortunately, it’s only available in Italian.


Cultural Activities

Also noteworthy, in 2008 Rosalba De Carlo was the case study of a conference about the gastronomic culture of Salento, which obtained patronage of both ISNART and the Italian Commission for UNESCO.

Not having a complete list of articles about them, summing up their interviews and activities is actually quite impossible.


Where is Alle due corti Restaurant.

If you are looking for a Restaurant in Lecce do not forget to go to the Alle Due Corti Restaurant which is located at 1 Corte dei Giugni (corner of 42 Leonardo Prato).

There, you will find not only the best traditional food in Salento, also you can meet Rosalba De Carlo and Giorgio Grassi.

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