Who is Rosalba De Carlo

Rosalba De Carlo’s dream:

Rosalba’s dream is to create a way for the flavours themselves to become the common thread for a journey of discovery of a land and its culture. In 1998 Rosalba created Alle Due CortiÒ Restaurant, where she is currently engaged as Head Chef with her son Giorgio.


Who is Rosalba De Carlo:

Rosalba De Carlo belongs to the baronial family Andriani De Vito from Corigliano d’Otranto. Her childhood was characterized by the unusual combination of her comfortable family origins and growing up in the proximity of the families of the village of Santa Barbara. Rosalba was able to amalgamate the humble origins of the local cuisine, with its roots firmly planted in her native territory, with the sophistication typical of the social class into which she was born.


Her knowledge of the poor and rich Salentine cuisine, rendered her worthy for selection as the case study for the conference entitled The Economic Sustainability of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Gastronomic Culture of Salento – Case Study Rosalba De Carlo and organized by the University of Salento on 25th November, 2008. In addition to the support of ISNART (National Institute for Tourism Research), most significantly, the conference also gained the patronage of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, which agreed to give it to an event of this type for the first time. Rosalba was defined during the conference as an example of a Living Human Treasure and repository of intangible heritage for the economically sustainable development of a territory.

The playbill of the conference


On May 2014 she has been included in the Interview Archive of Salentine Memories of Promemorium for the Gastronomic and Immaterial Tradition.

See the interwiev for Promemorium


Rosalba has been recognised and mentioned all over the world. Her personality has transcended the name of the business where she works.

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