Why _reloaded

Alleduecorti_Reloaded is the 2.0 version of our old web site www.alleduecorti.com.

Out of respect for both our history and our old website, which has accompanied us for our whole existence since the beginning, we decide to maintain the classic web pages that have told our tale for a long time. But we have moved them to a ‘web-vintage’ section. Maybe this unusual idea makes one laugh just a little, but anyways it’s our unconventional choice.

In contrast to the old version, Alleduecorti_reloaded is basically a blog about the traditional Salentine gastronomy, recipes and their connections between local history and typical dishes.

With technology suitable for all devices, the new area of our website also neatly collects various contents concerning the Alleduecorti brand: the restaurant in Lecce with its Maestra di cucina Rosalba De Carlo and the present-day chef who has followed in her footsteps, Giorgio Grassi, plus her books and much more.

Alleduecorti_reloaded is the ideal place to find any information on the Mediterranean Diet, on the popular traditions of Salento, on the historic regional gastronomy in Italy, especially from the Salento area, with its typical and noble products, so greatly appreciated around the world. Fresh handmade pasta, extra-virgin olive oil, wine and lots of recipes which are part of the local history as though they were actual elements of the natural landscape.

The story of a land told through its dishes.

Welcome to the table, welcome to Alleduecorti_reloaded.
Enjoy your reading.