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Rosalba on TV
Rosalba has also featured on TV in both short and long transmissions dedicated to the cuisine of Salento. She has shown the oldest of traditional recipes, still interesting and relevant today, with the simplicity and ease that only her experience could transmit.
Cultural Activities
Now, more than ever, the rediscovery of authentic flavours is fundamental to understanding and communicating not only the history of a land, but to demonstrate how it is possible to create appetizing dishes using simple, basic ingredients. We have collected together a few of Rosalba’s clips. Not all of the programs have been shown in Italy and not all of them are available online.
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2014: Rete4 Channel
Name of the TV show: Ricette all’Italiana (“Italian Recipes”).
On the Davide Mangacci TV Show, Rosalba prepares in her kitchen a Salento tomato cake.


2014: SKY Platform
Rosalba appears at 5”.

The journalist incorrectly states that Rosalba's hands have been recognised as the Patrimony of UNESCO. It should be said that Rosalba was the case study of a conference on the culinary culture of Salento which was sponsored by UNESCO.

2005. Name of the TV Show: Festa Italiana.
Rosalba prepares 'Broad beans pure and Wild cicories' for a show produced for an American audience.


2005: Name of the TV Show: Cominciamo Bene
Rosalba carefully shops for the ingredients and prepares a wonderful lunch.

Mega Channel, Greek TV Channel.
The well known Greek TV presenter and chef, Elias Mamalakis, makes a typical Easter sweet with Rosalba, a lamb made from a paste of ground sweetened almonds. Every Easter Greek TV replays the programme.

2008: Telenorba Channel,
Name of the TV Show: Buon Vento.
At Christmas time Rosalba prepares pittule, rustic fried dough with various condiments.